Why cleaning oxygen sensor in the vehicle is necessary?

Cleaning a car on regular basis is one of the tough works among the people. Since, cleaning the car does not involve cleaning the outer surface.  You also need to clean the items like coolants and oil which settles in the oxygen sensor which is an essential component in a vehicle.

Moreover, it is more important to clean oxygen sensor in order to keep the function work in proper way. If the oxygen sensors are not cleaned on regular basis then it may lead to less efficiency in combustion and reduce the performance of vehicle.

Most of the people think cleaning oxygen sensor is hard work since oxygen sensor is flammable product and you need to be more caution while doing cleaning process.

cleaning o2 sensor

Essential elements required to clean an oxygen sensor in simple way:

Many people think can oxygen sensors be cleaned? If it so how it can be cleaned in simple and safer manner. In order to clean oxygen sensor first you need to have required things which are listed below.

  • Working gloves
  • Goggles
  • Car jack
  • Wrench
  • WD- 40 and gasoline
  • Container
  • Soft brittle Brush
  • Paper towel

The working gloves and goggles help to protect you through entire cleaning process, car jack is used to make car in position since it is not possible to clean the oxygen sensor in ground level.

You can use wrench to remove the oxygen sensor in easy way once you removed the sensor you can use chemicals like WD-40 and gallons of gasoline for cleaning o2 sensor. A container can be used to hold gasoline and soft brush can be used to clean up the sensor. Finally using paper towel you can dry the O2 sensor and clean them.

clean oxygen sensor

Steps to clean an oxygen sensor:

Once the required materials are made ready you can follow below steps to clean the oxygen sensor.

Step 1:  park the vehicle in free open place with more ventilation while starting cleaning process wear goggles and working gloves to ensure your safety.

Step 2: using car jack lift the car since you cannot remove oxygen sensor in ground level, once car lifted you can work on under vehicle.

Step 3: spray WD-40 on both upward sensor and downward sensor located after converter to remove them easily.

Step 4: After 10 minutes you can see sensor loosen up using wrench you can easily remove the sensor from the junction.

Step 5: place the container towards the lid to collect any gasoline leakage, fill the container with the gasoline and soak oxygen sensor in the container which removes all oil and coolant in the O2 sensor.

Step 6: allow the sensor immersed in the gasoline over night to react with dirt’s and settlement. Once night ends you can use soft brush to clean all parts of the oxygen sensor.

Once you complete all the above steps dry the O2 sensor with paper towel and fit them back in correct location.