Why you need to clean covered gutters with gutter guard?

It is a common though among the people that if gutter guard is installed there is no necessary to clean them. But it is a wrong concept of thinking even though if you installed best gutter guard in the house, it has to clean once in a while. If you fail to do that there are more chances for debris to build inside the gutter which has to be cleaned or else it can damage the house.

There are several types of gutter protections are available but mostly people mainly uses two categories Ski Slope and Insertion. Even there are several types available within them based on the materials and methods of installation.

Now you can think how to clean gutters with gutter guards? In order to do that you need some requirements here are listed below.

  • Ladder
  • Rope
  • Garden gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • Bucket
  • Garden hose fixed with pistol nozzle or
  • Pressure cleaner

Once all the above requirements made ready you can undergo gutter cleaning process in step by steps process.

clean covered gutters with gutter guard

How to clean gutters in simple way?

In order to clean covered gutters follow the process listed below in step by step manner.

Step 1: place the ladder carefully on the secured place or else get help from anyone to hold the ladder while you do cleaning work. Ensure that the ladder is with strong base and steps are in perfect condition.

Step 2: wear garden gloves, non slippery footwear and safety glasses to protect you while handling animal wastes and pests within the debris.

Step 3: carefully climb the ladder along with the bucket which can be used to remove debris from the top of the gutter and its sides.

Step 4: in order to do gutter guard cleaning you need to gently remove the gutter guard were as some gutter guards remains attached to the gutter as its deigned in such way.

Step 5: once you removed the guards rinse the gutter with pressure cleaner or you can use hose with pistol nozzle. If you installed leaf stopper then there is no necessary to remove guards simply you can clean them using hose water pressure.

Step 6: once you cleaned all the debris with water pressure you can re attach the guard to the gutter or close the gutter panel.

Step 7: while fixing the cutter guard you need to ensure that the downspouts are not clogged so water pass effectively away from the foundation of the house. If downspouts are clogged then the water will not pass towards down which will increase the accumulation of debris high.

All the above steps can be effective only if you stay in a separate single house in case if you stay in a multi store building this process would not be suitable for you. In order to clean covered gutters in multi store building it is better to call professional gutter cleaner to avoid the risk.